[Pdns-users] Using zone2sql with internal and external views

David Jones djones at ena.com
Fri Apr 21 13:36:20 UTC 2017


>I am trying to use zone2sql to migrate from BIND 9.6 to PowerDNS
>3.4.11. My named.conf looks like this:

I recommend setting up the pdns server as a slave to the BIND
master to do the migration.  Put the pdns server IP in the global
also-notify.  Setup the pdns server as a superslave to the BIND

I recall the BIND will send a NOTIFY for all zones upon startup
so restart BIND on the master and within a few seconds the
pdns slave database will be populated via zone transfers.  Then
update the pdns database to change the domains type from
SLAVE to MASTER and then it's ready to go live.

Run some SQL SELECT statements to get some counts of
domains and records as a sanity check before go live.  Also
do some digs directly to the pdns IP to check some responses
to major records just to confirm that it's ready to go live.


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