[Pdns-users] 3.4.8 -> 4.0.1: Exiting because communicator thread died with STL error: stou

Pieter Lexis pieter.lexis at powerdns.com
Thu Sep 15 07:12:43 UTC 2016

Hi Oliver,

On Thu, 15 Sep 2016 09:05:31 +0200
Oliver Peter <lists at peter.de.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> During the update process from our 3.4.8 servers to 4.0.1 we encountered
> a dying/looping pdns instance.  3.4.x has been stable for the last
> ~6months.
> We already moved 4 of our 5 auth NS to 4.0.1, all of them are running
> FreeBSD10, all of them are working fine as expected.
> Today we upgraded our last instance and this one showed us a strange
> error (Murphy's law) so we had to downgrade to 3.4.8.  The service comes
> up OK, servers a couple of requests, dies, and comes up again, etc:
> Basically the machines are running almost the same config (except IP
> settings of course) and serving almost the same zone database (~2mio
> domains, ~20mio records).
> On the same machine we have another pdns instance running, same
> binaries, a bit less zones/records, different config profile - this one
> was pretty stable.
> Any hints appreciated.

We became a little more strict on database content in 4.0.0. I would suggest running `pdnsutil check-all-zones` to see which record causes the issue. Could you then send us that record in a github issue[1], because crashing on something like this is bad.

Best regards,


1 - https://github.com/PowerDNS/pdns/issues/new

Pieter Lexis
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