[Pdns-users] Inconsistent wildcard behaviour with and without DNSSEC

Peter Thomassen peter at desec.io
Fri Sep 9 02:00:56 UTC 2016


I noticed the following inconsistency in the authoritative server, and I
would like to know if it is intended. (I was not unable to figure this
out by looking up the RFCs.)

Let's say we have

*.example.com.	IN	A
a.example.com.	IN	A

Then, without DNSSEC enabled, asking for the A record of b.a.example.com
gives However, with DNSSEC enable, the result is NXDOMAIN.

So, there is a difference in how a wildcard record impacts higher-level
subdomains of a domain which is configured explicitly on the same level
as the wildcard record.

Is this behavior intended?


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