[Pdns-users] Serve presigned auth-zones with pdns-recursor

Peter Thomassen peter at desec.io
Fri Sep 9 01:32:05 UTC 2016


I set up a the recursor (4.0.3) with a separate zone file that I
declared authoritative using the auth-zones directive. The zone file
contains DNSSEC signatures.

However, when querying the recursor using dig +dnssec, only the
requested record types (e.g. A) are returned, but not the RRSIG records
(although they can be requested manually).

Is this intended?

I am aware that there would be complications in narrow NSEC3 mode when
non-existent records are queried, but with regular NSEC3, everything
needed can be extracted from the zone file itself (it has an NSEC3PARAM


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