[Pdns-users] Creating SRV records (for DNS-SD purposes)

Daniel Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Mon Oct 17 19:32:30 UTC 2016

Obviously I'm doing something wrong - just have no clue what.  More so 
than usual.

Previously I've been using the PowerAdmin web GUI.  Worked great - but 
seems like it's lacking recent development.  And I couldn't get my SRV 
record to be accepted.

So I've started using PowerDNS-Admin.  Which also seems great.  But...it 
does not (at least for me at this time) appear to include support for 
creating SRV records.

I'm currently using a MySQL backend.  So I tried poking a record in 
directly - which didn't do well.

Finally, thought I'd go right to the horse's...ear?  pdnsutil 
add-record.  And...I get the very informative message "missing field at 
the end of record content".

Since I freely admit I'm clueless on the correct format of the SRV 
records (I'm simply trying to setup my LAN to hopefully be a little more 
self-administrating) - I could use some guidance.  I've never seen a 
"full" example, particularly using pdnsutil, which would help 
tremendously.  My intent:

I have a zone "mydomain.lan". I have successfully created:

b._dns-sd._udp as a PTR, with value "mydomain.lan".
lb._dns-sd as a PTR, with value "mydomain.lan"

But now I am attempting:

pdnsutil add-record mydomain.lan 
HP_Officejet_Pro_X576dw_MFP._tcp.mydomain.lan srv 0 0 631 
Error: Parsing record content (try 'pdnsutil check-zone'): missing field 
at the end of record content '0'

What perfectly obvious blunder am I making?

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