[Pdns-users] Several small PowerDNS things: NFV version, OX Summit, Mugs

bert hubert bert.hubert at powerdns.com
Mon Oct 10 10:10:16 UTC 2016

Hi everybody,

We try not to spam you too much, so a few combined updates: 1) Mugs, 2) OX Summit,
3) Thoughts on NFV. 

1) To clarify the recent mug update, this was for the people that applied
for the PowerDNS 4.0.0 Release Giveaway.  If you did not apply, or do not
qualify, but still want a mug, you can order one here:

http://www.mugbug.co.uk/mug/power-dns-mug/5305/ (8 pounds, excluding
shipping. We do not make any money on this. Mugbug is an excellent company

Or check here
https://blog.powerdns.com/2016/07/11/welcome-to-powerdns-4-0-0/ if you
qualify for a free mug, and apply for one as described in the post. We'll
probably be ending the free mug offer quite soon.

2)  This week is the OX Summit (PowerDNS is part of Open-Xchange, together
with Dovecot).  The summit is in Frankfurt on Thursday and Friday and you
can still register (for free!) here:

Find out more here:

The PowerDNS session is Friday, where we will speak about how to do malware
filtering as an opt-in or opt-out on a per-dynamic-ip-address-user-basis.

We'll also demo the whole setup.

In Thursday there are also drinks, so feel free to register and drop by!

3) We are speccing up the PowerDNS 'NFV' product, Network Function
Virtualization. If your organization cares about NFV and you have
expectations of what a PowerDNS NFV product should look like, please contact
us on powerdns.ideas at powerdns.com. This is about orchestration,
virtualization, containerization, auto-scaling, and IP address delivery
('SDN'). We'd love to hear about your requirements & hopes.


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