[Pdns-users] Authority not refreshing stale mysql connections?

MRob mrobti at insiberia.net
Thu Nov 24 20:46:42 UTC 2016

I have a mysql-backed authority set up locally serving the internal LAN 
domain on a test platform (very lightly used at the moment). It appears 
that after some time (hours), the DB connection goes stale and queries 
return with dig reporting status SERVFAIL. If I wait (not sure how long, 
but I think more than 5 minutes, if not a lot longer), the queries will 
start working normally again (status NOERROR).

It appears I can cause the same problem prematurely by restarting the 
mysql service, which is what leads me to believe PDNS is not refreshing 
stale database connections right away (though eventually it does).

Restarting the authority of course fixes the problem, but I'm looking 
for a better solution.


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