[Pdns-users] pdns-ldap <-> Rudder-ldap

Grégory Oestreicher greg at kamago.net
Mon Nov 21 15:53:23 UTC 2016

Hi Stan,

Le 14/11/2016 à 23:30, StanC a écrit :
> I had this fantasy that one could connect to Rudder's ldap server from
> psdn and use it directly as a backend, but I cannot imagine that the
> schemas could possible align .... . So is there a way to import Rudder's ldap node info
> the pdns ldap backend, and thereby use it to define A records, etc.?

Well, it depends on how Rudder stores the nodes information. I found a 
specific schema in their repo 
but nothing indicates they're using a particular attribute to store IP 
addresses. As this schema depends on core.schema and cosine.schema it's 
still possible though that they're using the same attributes as PDNS: 
associatedDomain for the hostname, and various *Record attributes for 
the DNS data (cosine defines aRecord for example). Can you check if 
that's the case?

If they're not using at least the standard attributes there's 
unfortunately no way in the backend to map other attributes to the DNS 
record. In this case the remote backend would be the way to go, as 
suggested earlier.

Grégory - LDAP backend dude

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