[Pdns-users] why self-notification?

David opendak at shaw.ca
Wed May 18 20:50:07 UTC 2016

On 2016-05-18 1:33 PM, geohei wrote:
> Hi.
> I read your link about publishing real FQDNs an IPs, however I'm very
> reluctant to this ... I explain ... I'm not the super pro (as you noticed
> already) in this subject and I don't really know about the full range of
> potential consequences. I see already now some AXFR attempts from IPs from
> parts of the world, where I know that none of my users is or was at this
> place. I also do fully understand that you are willing to help (thank you!)
> but you need data to feed the machine (clear!). I take this more or less as
> a challenge to figure out by myself what goes wrong and why. I just would
> need some kicks in the right direction.

This type of traffic is really common. You'll see all sorts of things 
trying to do AXFRs from you, DDNS updates, etc. You're probably only 
noticing it now because you've been looking into this issue/paying 
attention to it.

> As far as I understood, the master server checks the MNAME field of the SOA
> and doesn't send a NOTIFY to this NS server (id est it takes it out from the
> list of NS records found in the master server's database), since this would
> result in a self notification. So ... PowerDNS shouldn't notify itself even
> without the "prevent-self-notification=yes" option, right?
> Thanks,

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