[Pdns-users] pdns_recursor - SERVFAIL resolving protection.outlook.com domains

Pieter Lexis pieter.lexis at powerdns.com
Tue May 10 06:51:05 UTC 2016

Hi Chris,

On Tue, 10 May 2016 10:08:08 +0800
Chris <lists at shthead.com> wrote:

> Short of going back to the other version with memory issues, is there 
> any config I can add/change that will possibly help with resolving these 
> names? I can't reproduce this on my other DNS servers that are running 
> Unbound or on the older PowerDNS recursor instances.

It looks like there is a bug in the DNSSEC implementation. I can resolve this name on the current master branch with the `dnssec=off` setting.

We'll have a look at what goes wrong here. For now, disabeling DNSSEC will help.

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Pieter Lexis
PowerDNS.COM BV -- https://www.powerdns.com

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