[Pdns-users] pdns-recursor 0.0.759g02abb90-1 (4.0 master) vs. getent?

Bit World Computing - Michael Mertel michael.mertel at bwc.de
Tue Mar 8 15:32:26 UTC 2016


I’am currently running the latest pdns-recursor 4.x master on Ubuntu 14.04.

I was wondering why an apt-get update cannot resolve repo.powerdns.com, but a ping is able to do so. This only happens if /etc/resolv.conf points to my recursor. If I use as nameserver everything works as expected.

This is somewhat strange, because is the forwarding dns for my local recursor.

Maybe it’s how the apt-get tries to resolve the name? The only thing I found was, that getent is not returning the correct results.

- with local recursor as nameserver
getent ahosts repo.powerdns.com
<nothing in return>, exit code is 2 (One or more supplied key could not be found in the database)

-with as nameserver STREAM repo1.powerdns.com DGRAM RAW 

Is this a known bug? Never had any trouble with the 3.7.3 release.


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