[Pdns-users] ;; WARNING: recursion requested but not available

Oscar scriviaoscar at yahoo.it
Mon Jul 25 12:21:01 UTC 2016

yes, I thought that the warning done the error, but the error SERVFAIL coming from DB, that is the link where I took the tutorial used the old DB, so in /var/log/message pdns written:
Jul 25 03:09:41 localhost pdns[4161]: Backend reported permanent error which prevented lookup (GSQLBackend lookup query:Failed to execute mysql_query, perhaps connection died? Err=1: Unknown column 'disabled' in 'field list'), aborting

so I understand that the problem coming from DB, I drop schema and recreate it from official website powerdns.com and anything go to right.
ps. I tried to write in pdns.conf the path for log, but it don't work, why?(experimental-logfile=/var/log/pdns.logeither log-dns-details=yes ) thanks
Oscar OXY

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