[Pdns-users] Modify Query with LUA Script

tim at linux-daus.de tim at linux-daus.de
Thu Jul 21 07:20:22 UTC 2016

Hi everybody,

currently i'm looking for a DNS server that is capable of the following thing
(via Views, LUA Script or _MAGIC_):

For a development(and staging, testing) environment i want too modify DNS
Queries in the following manner:

Request from development networks:
db01.app01.company.tld -> db01.dev.app01.company.tld
web01.app04.company.tld -> web01.dev.app04.company.tld

Requests from staging (called git) networks:
db01.app01.company.tld -> db01.git.app01.company.tld
web01.app04.company.tld -> web01.git.app04.company.tld

The reason behind this is to enable the developer to use the "real" FQDNs in
their software without the need to change this in every step of development. 

We discussed several ways to do this:
- Use isolated DNS servers for each environment
- Use a DNS Server with views
- Modify DNS Query befor resolving

I read the PowerDNS documentation regarding the LUA Script abilities, but not
sure if it's possible to modify the request as i want. Up to now, i think it's
not possible, but may be you tell me i'm wrong ;-)

I'm glad if anybody can tell me if i'm right or wrong with my belief concerning
the LUA ability or if somebody does have another idea how to "solve" the

Best regards,

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