[Pdns-users] Pdnssec tool - question

Alejandro Adroher Mellado alejandro.adroher at omniaccess.com
Wed Jul 6 06:46:55 UTC 2016

Those space Jan .... was only a paste of the replaced name for this example. There is not spaces on my DNS database. 

Thanks a lot for your response.

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>I’m using Poweradmin


>[Error] No delegation for zone 'test1. mydomain.com' in parent ' mydomain.com'

You are obfuscating and pasting spaces in the obfuscated names. Do you really expect to be helped?

>But I have configured on the recursor the forward to the authoritative 
>for this zone, so which is the right way?

The Recursor has nothing to do with this; pdnssec checks authoritative backend databases. You appear to have a zone without NS RRset.

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