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Veaceslav Mindru vmindru at redhat.com
Tue Feb 23 10:19:34 UTC 2016

Meh one more turned the dark side ...


On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 11:14 AM, bert hubert <bert.hubert at powerdns.com> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> This is a heads-up on some announcements you will be seeing on powerdns.com
> relating to new PowerDNS products which (gasp) are not fully Open Source. We
> know this is a sensitive subject, so before we go live, we want to inform
> you fully of what we are doing. We’d also like to hear & incorporate your
> feedback.
> The tl;dr: PowerDNS will remain enthusiastically Open Source, but we will be
> selling a ready-to use ‘Platform’ of PowerDNS Open Source & other
> technologies, without degrading our current products. For details, please
> read on.
> As you may know, PowerDNS sells support on the core nameserver technologies:
> PowerDNS Authoritative Server, PowerDNS Recursor and dnsdist. And this is
> going well, well enough to fund four full-time developers & engineers. This
> delivers a lot of value to the Open Source world.
> Over the past few years, as part of our paid support, we have also been
> delivering custom PowerDNS configurations based on our open source products.
> Such configurations integrate with Graphite, Ansible, exabgp, bird, iptables
> and loads of other products to deliver features like parental control,
> configuration management, governmental/judicial blacklists, DoS protection
> of (legacy) nameservers, malware filtering, quarantining, NXDOMAIN
> redirection, “customer communications”, monitoring, user-experience
> graphing, audit trail of configuration changes, (management) reporting,
> webbased control, BGP/OSPF/VRRP failover, ‘production’ DNS64 etc etc.
> What we have also found is that many of our users (big hosters, large scale
> telecommunications service providers) need more from us than
> “/usr/sbin/pdns_recursor”. Although PowerDNS can easily be integrated with
> lots of things to deliver powerful functionalities and many of our users
> still love open source, they would prefer to get it packaged in a more ready
> to use way.
> Putting it more strongly: we have learned that many organizations simply no
> longer have the time or desire to assemble all the technologies themselves
> around our Open Source products.
> We will therefore be marketing the additional functionalities we have been
> delivering to our customers as a product tentatively called the “PowerDNS
> Platform”. I say tentatively because we want to inform you of this news
> first, even before we have settled on a name and updated our website with
> the new product.
> The “PowerDNS Platform” as we ship it consists of our core unmodified Open
> Source products, plus loads of other open source technologies, combined with
> a management shell that is not an Open Source product that we’ll in fact
> sell.
> Now, we understand this may be worrying some to some of you. Some formerly
> truly Open Source products like MySQL are going down a path where you can
> see their products turning into a sales pitch for the commercially licensed
> version. Some other Open Source nameservers have used their liberal
> licensing to sell ‘subscriber versions‘ of their software that have
> additional core functionalities. This might create doubt if the product in
> its Open Source version will retain the capabilities discerning users of
> open software demand.
> We would therefore like to clarify that we regard our core Open Source
> products as our crown jewels, jewels which only shine because we are an
> integral part of the DNS and PowerDNS Communities with whom we work together
> to create great software.We will continue to make sure that our nameserver
> software is a viable and hopefully even the best choice for the Internet at
> large. And in fact, there will not be “two versions” of the PowerDNS
> nameserver software: of the actual daemons there will be just one version –
> also because we would otherwise not get the advantages of scale we get from
> over 150000 deployments!
> Simultaneously, we hope that by bringing PowerDNS in a more integrated
> fashion will enable more companies to benefit from running Open Source &
> open standards based software. Because this is what deeply believe in – that
> the future of the world is open, and that software can simultaneously be
> good Open Source and also work well in a commercial environment.
> Thank you for reading this to the end! We would like to hear your feedback
> and perhaps worries. Please contact me onbert.hubert at powerdns.com to let us
> know your thoughts and concerns.
> Bert
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