[Pdns-users] Doubt about "edns-subnet-whitelist" directive

WANG Cui 王璀 wangc at essilorchina.com
Thu Aug 4 15:45:09 UTC 2016

I installed pdns-recursor 4.0.0~alpha2-2 on Ubuntu server 16.04.1, and
want to try the EDNS Client Subnet function. I added below directive:
* edns-subnet-whitelist=
where is my client subnet. But pdns-recursor always send
query to *WITHOUT* subnet option.

I researched in the source code and find out in file: pdns_recursor.cc,
function: getEDNSSubnetMask(), there is an if test:
* if(g_ednsdomains.check(dn) || g_ednssubnets.match(rem)) where the
“rem” is actually is the forwarder IP that I set by:
* forward-zones-recurse=.=
Of course the if test won’t pass, therefore pdns-recursor never append
subnet option in query.

I change my directive as:
* edns-subnet-whitelist=, Then pdns-recursor will
match the netmask as in whitelist, and append subnet option to
query as expected, then respect the subnet option and respond
proper result per the subnet.
But the " edns-subnet-whitelist " directive looks weird to me.

I further modified source code as below:
* if(g_ednsdomains.check(dn) || g_ednssubnets.match(local)) Where
“local” is the source IP of requestor.
After “make install”, it works as I want with original directive:
* edns-subnet-whitelist=

So I am asking, is it a bug? Or intentional design to have to add the
“forward-zones-recurse” subnet in the “edns-subnet-whitelist”?
For me, I believe the original “edns-subnet-whitelist” directive make
more sense.

Thanks for clarification.

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