[Pdns-users] Problem to notify slave from different ip than master

Fabien Fab lofab.ml at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 12:00:56 UTC 2015

Hi all

I can't notify slave because the IP who notify is different than master IP.

Details :

Server host IP (host of pdns master) :
ns1 (pdns master) IP :
ns2 (pdns slave) :

When master notify slave, the request is from IP
So pdns slave refuse the request because is not the master

How can I perform notify from instead of
Or is it possible to configure slave to accept notification from
which is not declared as master nor present in SOA of notified domains.

I've try to declare super master (with | ns2 | admin) but the
request is refused too (i suppose because is not authoritative, so

Thank's for your help (and sorry for my english ;-) )

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