[Pdns-users] PDNS Recursor - Fail to start - Main proces exist

Federico Olivieri lvrfrc87 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 22:32:00 UTC 2015

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I'm quite new in load-balancing in DNS (and in DNS i general) and I'm
trying to understand what it could be the best practice for dnsdist.

I have a server pdns recursor and a second dns recursor (still with power
dns) where I would send all doggy traffic that I receive from some
customer. Can I set-up dnsdist on the same machine where I'm running dns
recursor? I guess that I will have a config file where I can change the
local address where bind it

Thank You!
On 18 Nov 2015 00:04, "Chris" <lists at shthead.com> wrote:

> On 18/11/2015 7:56 AM, Federico Olivieri wrote:
>> Nov 17 23:36:46 banana pdns_recursor[886]: Nov 17 23:36:46 Exception:
>> Resolver binding to server socket on port 53 for Address
>> already in use
>> Hi,
> That's the reason. dnsdist was most likely listening on,
> when you start PowerDNS it then tries to bind to the same address/port but
> it is already in use.
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