[Pdns-users] Problems with PowerDNS

Nadir M. Aliyev admin at bakinter.net
Wed Nov 11 12:15:18 UTC 2015

Dear All Thanks for your reply!

I understand keeping authoritative and recursive services separated is strongly recommended. Ok.

I understand that I must set for my customers (approx. 200k) powerdns recursive service as DNS?

If yes in this case I must change my authorative servers ip's and its not good idea for my hosting customers.
Also I cant limit recursion on separated pdns recursive service for external ips via allow-recursion.

Currently I'm using Bind but managing a lot of bind servers is not comfortable. So I choosed powerdns + mysql replication + heartbeat.

Any ideas or I wrong? :-)


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> Tip: What most people running PowerDNS do is use 2 seperate IPs voor 
> PowerDNS recursor and PowerDNS Authoritative Server.
> So for domains the server is authoritative for it will receive them on 
> the Authoritative Server and the recursive queries it can receive them 
> on the recursor.

This is the same Best Practice that is strongly recommended for *all* name servers: The authoritative and the recursive service should be separated. It's what we do (we use PowerDNS recursor and then we use BIND for the authoritative service - but that is irrelevant, the advice is the same in any case).

Steinar Haug, AS 2116

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