[Pdns-users] Experimental web Issue

Alejandro Adroher Mellado alejandro.adroher at omniaccess.com
Mon Nov 16 14:26:05 UTC 2015

Hi all! 

Today I found an issue (maybe not) which I want to share with all of  you.

I'm working on PDNS Auth 3.4.7 with the web services enabled.

I realized that on that web, when the server  it's showing you the variables like:

udp-answers	19	Number of answers sent out over UDP
udp-answers-bytes	1489	Total size of answers sent out over UDP
udp-do-queries	0	Number of UDP queries received with DO bit

There is one who seems to be wrong.

uptime	= Uptime of process in seconds

which process is it exactly?  According to my way of seeing it, should be the PDNS service uptime.
But, making some tests, this "uptime" starts to count seconds from the first time you load the web.

So, this uptime come from the first time this web was launched.

Maybe I'm wrong ... but, just in case.

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