[Pdns-users] Issue with mydns backend?

Christian Hofstaedtler christian.hofstaedtler at deduktiva.com
Fri May 8 23:29:26 UTC 2015

> On 08 May 2015, at 23:18, Steve Young <support at slynet.com> wrote:


> May  8 17:15:25 ns1 pdns[9289]: Unable to load module '/usr/lib64/pdns/libmydnsbackend.so': /usr/lib64/pdns/libmydnsbackend.so: undefined symbol: _ZN10DNSBackend7getAuthEP9DNSPacketP7SOADataRKSsi
> May  8 17:15:25 ns1 pdns[9289]: dnsbackend unable to load module in mydns

> Anyone have an idea on how to correct this?  Thanks, 

That looks like your pdns_server binary doesn't match your libmydnsbackend.so binary.

If you have a "module-dir" setting in your pdns.conf, try commenting it out, and/or retry "make install".

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