[Pdns-users] Backend error: lookup() passed zoneId = X but no such zone!

Sam Barrow sbarrow at squidix.com
Wed May 13 23:39:31 UTC 2015

I'm at a loss here with an issue with the mydns backend.


 > PowerDNS version you are using


 > What backends you use (gMySQL, BIND etc)

Gmysql and mydns

 > If you are using DNSSEC


 > Operating system it is running on

Ubuntu 15.04

 > Where you got the binary from, ie did you compile it yourself (which 
compiler, including version), from your distribution or ports tree etc

Distro repos.

 > What is going wrong

I have the gmysql backend active, works fine, no issues. However, when I 
enable mydns backend, the records from gmysql fail to resolve, and the 
records in the mydns database work just fine.

I see this in the error log:

Backend error: lookup() passed zoneId = X but no such zone!

This is outputted by the mydns backend, however the X appears to match 
the ID of the domain in the powerdns database.

 > What you did, or somebody else did, that causes things to go wrong
What you expect to happen (many problems are in fact wrong expectations, 
and not bugs)

Basic install, nothing custom. Installed pdns-server and both backends 
from ubuntu repos. I expect both backends to be used.


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