[Pdns-users] Allow recursion on only one IP

ggiesen+powerdns at giesen.me ggiesen+powerdns at giesen.me
Sun May 10 05:05:19 UTC 2015

I'm currently planning a project to split recursion from authoritative DNS
(they currently reside on the same IP). 


As part of the project, I'd like to set up a second IP for PowerDNS to
listen on (which will be the IP for the authoritative server; the recursive
server will remain on the existing IP). The transition strategy is that IP
#1 (the existing IP) will answer both recursive and authoritative queries
until such time as all the domains have been migrated to use the new IP #2.
IP#2 will answer only authoritative queries.


However I've run into a snag. I can't find any way to have PowerDNS answer
recursion queries on only the IP #1 (I can only limit what IPs the queries
come from, but not to). Am I missing something, is there a way to do what
I'm looking to do? Or is the only solution to run separate instances of pdns
(with separate config files both connecting to the same backend).





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