[Pdns-users] cpanel only - virtualizor - pdns setup comments?

Steve Young support at slynet.com
Sat May 9 00:32:08 UTC 2015

Hey all... I guess since I signed up for the list for a previous question I
thought I might ask if others are running this setup I'm playing with ;-).

I've been getting up to speed with Virtualizor from the Softaculous guys
and initially I started out using their package of pdns. But after
evaluating it I needed to make the nameservers also be able to use a cpanel
dns cluster. So I figured out how to carve out a "cpanel only" virtual
server in Virtualizor. Then I configured cpanel-only (free btw) to use

Then when I tried to hook up PDNS to it I couldn't get it to work. This is
because mydns isn't compiled into the vitualizor rpm packge. They also
didn't have a extra mydns-backend rpm either. So I ended up compiling the
source and building it with mydns support. So far it looks like it hooks up
nicely to the cpanel mydns database and appears to be working. I have yet
to test the cpanel end of things to see if the clustering works yet. I just
had to basically turn of mydns service and enable the pdns one to make the

Anyhow, my question is if anyone else is running something like this and
what might be some things to watch out for?


*Steven L. Young*
Sly Media Networks, LLC
*http://slymedia.net <http://slymedia.net>*
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