[Pdns-users] PowerDNS core dumps on FreeBSD 10.1 in a Jail when master=yes

Leo Vandewoestijne pdns at unicycle.net
Fri Mar 27 19:15:24 UTC 2015

> The story here is:
> >> Mar 26 13:10:35 Exiting because communicator thread died with STL error: Creating local resolver socket for ::, does your OS miss IPv6?: Bad file descriptor
> PowerDNS can?t generate an IPv6 socket. You can probably solve that by setting: query-local-address6=
> In the config file. This will disable PowerDNS from attempting to open up an IPv6 socket for notifications.
After reading that the first thing I though of was the sysctl parameter security.jail.allow_raw_sockets

So I installed pdns in a jail today and am able to launch without above setting at the host,
using for pdns only:


...and all working fine without such error as reported.

After reading Bert's reply I asume you specificly enabled recursion ...?
Anyway, I've added:

	recursor=2600::1 # sprint

...and again no such error.

In case you're not using GENERIC, then was INET6 removed in your custom kernel?
I used 10.1-RELEASE-p8, VERY stripped down.

Further at the host level I'm having in /etc/rc.conf:

	ipv6_network_interfaces="igb0 em0 vlan53 etc3"
	# or (since above probably is pre 10):

...otherwise you wont get the fe80::etc at boot, and IPv6 will be impossible.

With above sysctl rule you can allow ping6 to jails.
Are you able to ping 2600::2 from inside the jail ...?


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Leo Vandewoestijne


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