[Pdns-users] Forklift upgrade from 2.9.22 to 3.3.1-1

Steven Spencer steven.spencer at kdsi.com
Wed Jan 28 18:24:38 UTC 2015


We have been using PDNS with gmysql back end for a long time and because 
of some legacy Xen server retirement projects, We have decided to do a 
forklift upgrade of our PDNS install at the same time. Currently, our 
primary and secondary DNS servers are using 2.9.22 and we will be moving 
to 3.3.1-1. I've read all of the upgrade notes with the mysql schema 
changes, etc., and those items will be no issue to accomplish. My 
concern is that we are doing database replication using the old style 
replication methodology (not the mysql cluster methodology) and I'm 
wondering what, if anything, the change in the binlog_format from 
STATEMENT, which is what it currently is, to MIXED will do to replication.

Our current set up is a mysql DNS master server that has the web 
front-end on it and is set up as the master for the database with both 
the primary and secondary DNS servers set as slaves to this machine. We 
also have external pdns-recursor machines that were recently updated to 
3.6.2-1 and are working fine. Our implementation is on CentOS 5 
(currently) and will be moving to CentOS 6.

Thanks for any light that you might be able to shed on this process.

Steven G. Spencer, Network Administrator

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