[Pdns-users] pdns-recursor works but pdns discards responses

rooster yawowb+pdns-users at nuclei.ca
Fri Feb 20 01:34:13 UTC 2015

> 	I downloaded, compiled and installed the recently released 3.4.2 from the PowerDNS releases web page but I was unable to get it to launch. :(
> 	The error I am getting is “Unable to launch, no backends configured for querying” which is very odd since when I did the compile, I explicitly compiled with the bind module option. Also, my local config file does have “launch=bind” parameter set.
> host - PowerPC 32bit, ubuntu 14.04 LTS release

Here is an update to this new problem that Habbie and ahu on the IRC channel helped me with.

What was happening was when pdns was launched, it would look in /usr/local/etc/ for it’s configuration files. Of course this was wrong. After some short deliberation and with a hint from Fusl in the IRC channel, I modified /etc/default/pdns to add --config-dir=/etc/powerdns in the DAEMON_ARGS=“” line. The two other options are : add this same modification to the init.d script that was generated from the compile or at the time of compile, add --sysconfdir=/etc/powerdns to the ./configure command.

Now I have a running 3.4.2 pdns but I still have the problem of the precursor responses being discarded. Right ha has me running a testrunner.


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