[Pdns-users] Modify Records Table-Time of Day records

Posner, Sebastian s.posner at telekom.de
Thu Feb 12 16:22:58 UTC 2015

Martin Chandler wrote:

> > > Is it possible to modify the structure of the records table, 
> > > to add new fields?
> >
> > You can add as many columns as you need; that will not interfere with
> > PowerDNS Auth operation. (You can also rename existing columns, but
> > you'd need to redefine the queries PowerDNS uses, so I don't
> > recommend you doing that.)
> >
> Even if you rename columns, etc it is also possible to then create a
> view for PowerDNS that matches the recommended schema.

> That way you don't have to redefine the queries...

Yes, and no. Don't be surprised if things don't work anymore, 
depending on your setup. PDNS needs to write into the 
database/records table for several applications, and a view 
is not neccesarily writeable, depending on how it is created.

Notably here would be Superslave operation; or probably 
any slave operation mode where replication is done by 
AXFR and not database means, as the transferred RRs
need to be inserted into the DB at the slave.

So, despite having a view representing the original 
database layout, you still may have to redefine some queries.

On a side note: Dear staff, I am lacking to find 
the empty-non-terminal-queries at 
- did they become obsolete in recent revisions?


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