[Pdns-users] Oracle backend and axfr problems.

Margus Kiting margus.kiting at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 12:09:00 UTC 2015


I am experiencing  weird problems in my PowerDNS setup. I'll describe my
setup below. The problem is, that our superslave servers are getting
Network Timeouts if they are requesting AXFR.
We have some BIND slaves also, and it seems like BIND waits for received
information longer before it gets timeout. I tried configuring more
distributor-threads and both caches TTL to bit longer, bit it does not help
at all.

All other requests are coming from master server fast without any delay.
The problem raises only on axfr requests.

Our setup:
Authoritative Master DNS server (hosts about 1000 forward and reverse zones)
PowerDNS 3.3.1 with Oracle backend using dnssec for ALLOW-AXFR-FROM
configuration flag.

Super Slave Server:
PowerDNS 3.3.1 with sqlite3 backend is configured as slave. and there is
supermaster configured in database.

Both master and slave servers are rinning on the same network segment and
there are no restrictions between servers on network side. Firewalls are
also disabled.

Log's from Master DNS server:

  AXFR of domain 'transferring zone' allowed: client IP slave.server.ip is
in NSset
  TCP Connection Thread died because of network error: Writing data: Broken

Logs from Slave DNS server:

Initiating transfer of 'Transferring zone' from remote
Unable to AXFR zone 'Transferring zone' from remote 'master.name.server.ip'
(resolver): Timeout waiting for answer from master.name.server.ip:53 during

Thank You in advance!
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