[Pdns-users] Axfr notification not success from super master

Carlos HyD carlos at hospedajeydominios.com
Sun Feb 1 18:47:47 UTC 2015

Hi, we use pdns 2.9 neither as master or slave, just imports zones from binds acting like supermasters and then replicate db in mysql to ns2,ns3...

I build a new system to test 3.4 version and see now this config no longer works with error:

 Received NOTIFY for XXXXx from XXXX but slave support is disabled in the configuration

In doc I see this:

However, a notification from a supermaster carries more persuasion. When PDNS determines that a notification comes from a supermaster and it is bonafide, PDNS can provision the domain automatically, and configure itself as a slave for that zone.
Before a supermaster notification succeeds, the following conditions must be met:

	• The supermaster must carry a SOA record for the notified domain

	• The supermaster IP must be present in the 'supermaster' table

	• The set of NS records for the domain, as retrieved by the slave from the supermaster, must include the name that goes with the IP address in the supermaster table

I’m testing this just sending notifications also to the test 3.4 machine from the same named.conf and same 2.9 that is importing the zones fine. We do not use dnssec.
Supermaster table is the same on new version, so I really have no clue why is no longer working as expected.
I can enable slave on conf and zones are imported, but just curious about.

Carlos Luna

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