[Pdns-users] dnsdist Marking downstream as "down"

Federico Olivieri lvrfrc87 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 16:05:11 UTC 2015

I have managed to run dnsdist. Now it is up and running, however, form the
web page I can see that all packets are dropped

Uptime: a minute, Number of queries: 673 (7 qps), ACL drops: 673, Dynamic
drops: 0, Rule drops: 0, Blockfilter drops: 0

I have tried different configurations but the problem remain. That is my
actual conf

newServer{address="", checkType="A", checkName="www.google.com.",
mustResolve=true, qps=10, order=1}
newServer{address="5.172.xx.xx:53", checkType="A", checkName="www.google.com.",
mustResolve=true, qps=100, order=2}
webserver("", "supersecret")

Any idea about what I have missed?



2015-12-17 15:13 GMT+00:00 Federico Olivieri <lvrfrc87 at gmail.com>:

> Found by myself.
> I haven't read for entire the README :)
> "By default, the availability of a downstream server is checked by
> regularly sending an A query for "a.root-servers.net.". A different query
> type and target can be specified by passing, respectively, the 'checkType'
> and 'checkName' parameters tonewServer. The default behavior is to
> consider any valid response with a RCODE different from ServFail as valid.
> If the 'mustResolve' parameter of newServer is set to true, a response
> will only be considered valid if its RCODE differs from NXDomain, ServFail
> and Refused."
> Still remain the question about the dnsdist+recursor...Maybe I'll find the
> answer before the end of the README file
> Federico
> 2015-12-17 14:44 GMT+00:00 Federico Olivieri <lvrfrc87 at gmail.com>:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm playing around with dnsdist on my raspberry. My idea is to use it as
>> load balancer between 2 server. I had a look around and I have implemented
>> this conf
>> root at raspberrypi:/etc/dnsdist# cat dnsdist.conf
>> newServer{address=""}
>> newServer{address="5.172.1xx.xx"}
>> When I start dnsdist I get this message Marking downstream
>> as 'down' and seems not working
>> Dec 17 14:26:46 raspberrypi dnsdist[2434]: Listening on
>> Dec 17 14:26:46 raspberrypi dnsdist[2434]: dnsdist 0.0.523g812632e comes
>> with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to
>> redistribute it according to the terms of the GPL version 2
>> Dec 17 14:26:47 raspberrypi dnsdist[2434]: Marking downstream
>> as 'down'
>> Dec 17 14:26:48 raspberrypi dnsdist[2434]: Marking downstream
>> as 'down'
>> Questions:
>>    1. there is extra conf that I need to do?
>>    2. How dnsdist recognizes if a server is UP or DOWN
>> Another question. Is it possible to run dnsdist in the same server that
>> running pdns-recursor? My understanding is that both use in order
>> to run and they cannot coexist. maybe there is a way to bind dnsdist to
>> another interface
>> Thanks!!!
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