[Pdns-users] PowerDNS 2015: some geeky stats & happy new year!

bert hubert bert.hubert at powerdns.com
Thu Dec 31 15:13:17 UTC 2015

Hi everybody,

2015 was a big year for PowerDNS, perhaps the biggest in our open source
history!  I'd like to write a tearful post how great it was to work with you
all, how happy we are to have merged with Open-Xchange & Dovecot, how
wonderful it is to be part of the open source community etc.  But you've
read such messages before.  Assume all of it is true :-)

Instead, of that touchy feely stuff, Pieter compiled some numbers about the
past year. Please find them below & have a great 2016!

2015 in numbers
While the close of 2015 nears, we want to share some geeky stats over the
past year.

Let’s start with the company: number of new employees: 2. And the number of
companies PowerDNS merged with: 1!

As for the software itself, there were a total of 15 releases made this year
for both the Authoritative Server and the Recursor. We published 3 security
announcements (sorry about those) and were issued 4 CVE numbers. Sorry for

When looking at the code in our master branch, there were a total of 47 code
contributors that contributed, excluding merges, 1957 commits (almost 5.5
commits per day) for a total diffstat of 1691 files changed, 151221
insertions(+), 121397 deletions(-). These numbers don’t tell the whole
story, if we take the cumulative changes for all non-merge commits, 794,505
lines were inserted and 711,244 were deleted.

The top code contributors from non-employees, also (gratefully) known as
“the usual suspects” :

* Aki Tuomi (309 commits / 7,104 ++ / 3,302 –)
* Kees Monshouwer (144 commits / 126,954 ++ / 124,314 –)
* Ruben Kerkhof (99 commits / 90,287 ++ / 89,844 –)
* Christian Hofstaedtler (75 commits / 1,750 ++ / 1,277 –)

Aki by the way joins our sister-company Dovecot at the start of the new

It also appears that all PowerDNS contributors hardly sleep, here are the
hours of the day where no code was commited:

* Sunday 3:00-6:00
* Monday 2:00-3:00
* Tuesday 3:00-5:00
* Wednesday None!
* Thursday 2:00 4:00
* Friday None!
* Saturday 3:00 – 5:00

All of us at PowerDNS wish you a good 2016!

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