[Pdns-users] intermittency when resolving certain domains

Miguel Miranda miguel.mirandag at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 17:22:53 UTC 2015

Hello to all, im getting intermittency responses from a pdns-recursor, some
domains are geting error no A+AAA records, and in a wireshark carture
appears this error:

Recursion available: server can't do recursive queries.

After several attemps from the same client the domain resolves ok, and in
the wirshark capture the error is gone and now the line reads:

Recrusion available: servce can do recursive queries.

These is happening with several domains, randomly so is not specific to a
region in particular. im running pdn as the primeray server and forwarding
recursive queries to pdns-recursor running in localhost:53.
What should i check? hints file?, allow-recursion entries?
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