[Pdns-users] New install of PowerDNS

Paul Stuffins powerdns at lists.ravexdata.com
Fri Aug 14 21:40:37 UTC 2015

So, I have been running PowerDNS for a while now, I believe I am on a 
low 2.x install, but now want to upgrade to 3.4.5. I have decided to do 
a clean install on new hardware, rather than attempt an upgrade to my 
current live setup, and then move the domains across gradually.

I have a couple questions though:

1) I want to implement DNSSEC and DANE, is this a simple config entry, 
along with the relevant database changes, or are they a little bit more 

2) Is there an API to allow an admin panel, like PowerDNS, to add, edit 
and remove domains from the database, or do I have to add the records to 
the master database direct?

Many Thanks

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