[Pdns-users] different type of replication

Aki Tuomi cmouse at youzen.ext.b2.fi
Tue Apr 14 05:22:17 UTC 2015

On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 03:23:04AM +0300, Keresztes Péter-Zoltán wrote:
> Hello, 
> Can anyone explain me if there is any difference between having a master-slave replication on authoritative servers and simple NATIVE servers with  backend replication?
> regards,
> Peter

The biggest differences are that with master-slave you do not need anything but
tcp/53 and udp/53 open between the servers (both ways), it can interoperate
with other DNS server products. There is no transport security implied other
than provided by TSIG. You also need to do serial number management to cause

Native replication is backend-specific and all limitations and benefits are
of the backend in question. F.ex. if you use mysql replication, you get near
instant changes in your slaves. No serial number management is required.


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