[Pdns-users] PowerDNS 4.x development: PowerDNS git master is now 4.x & C++ 2011 only!

bert hubert bert.hubert at powerdns.com
Wed Apr 29 06:41:11 UTC 2015

Hi everybody!

As we had announced back in February in
http://mailman.powerdns.com/pipermail/pdns-dev/2015-February/001481.html we
have moved the main git repository ('master') of PowerDNS over to PowerDNS
4.x development. 

This means that if you track the git master, and do a pull, you'll now get a
pretty different codebase than what you were used to. It does pass a lot of
tests, but if you follow git master, it will be a wild ride for a while.

If we'll do 3.x-based developments, as also described on
, we'll do these on specific branches (for example, we have rel/rec-3.7.2
and rel/auth-3.4.5 etc). We will let you know what to follow when the time

If you have any questions, please ask away! And if you want to know more
about our 4.x plans, including DNSSEC in the recursor, please check out the
linked blog post.


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