[Pdns-users] Unterstanding slave logs

Peter Thomassen peter at desec.io
Sat Apr 11 21:30:10 UTC 2015


My PowerDNS slave log file often shows lines like the following:

17 slave domains need checking, 0 queued for AXFR
Received serial number updates for 16 zones, had 1 timeouts
Domain 'example.com' is fresh (not presigned, no RRSIG check)
[there are 16 lines like the last one]

I am not sure if I understand exactly what these lines mean. Here's what
I think they mean:

- 17 slave domains need to be refreshed, based on SOA refresh setting
- For 16, an SOA record with serial was retrieved from the master
- It happens to be the case that none of the serials changed
- There was a problem with the 17th slave domain (timeout)
- The 17th domain will be retried according to the SOA retry setting

Is my understanding accurate?

I wonder where that timeout comes from. The master is also a PowerDNS

Thank you,
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