[Pdns-users] PDNS does not send info for reverse DNS

Bart-Jan van Hummel bvanhummel at openforest.nl
Fri Sep 26 13:58:03 UTC 2014

> Maybe you didn't stopped it before you restarted? In this case config changes didn't apply to the (running) Recursor. 

Well I just did a service pdns-recursor restart 

So I did some more testing and I found something else: it doesn't change my problem, but it does make the problem worse ;-) 

In the pdns.conf I turned on the module-dir like this: 


Now the module dir does not have any modules in there. 
but it seems that turning this on will cause the DNS to stop answering on any reverse lookup of machines which are not in the main router. 

So these wil not have an answer section: 
~ root# dig @ -x 
~ root# dig @ -x 

And this will: 
~ root# dig @ -x 
~ root# dig @ -x 

I am asking in the 10.20.2.x network... 

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