[Pdns-users] MX records by requestor

Daniel Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Fri Sep 5 23:07:12 UTC 2014

This is probably a bad idea.  But I'll ask anyway...

We host our own mail server.  This has extensive spam protection which 
works reasonably well.  In addition to our other tests I also make use 
of "Project Tarbaby" - which provides a set of backup MX servers as 
honeypots.  Properly configured servers shouldn't hit these.  I said 
"properly configured" and "shouldn't".

We also use a fax-to-email service.  Recently, they started using our 
backup MX servers - I still don't know why.  However, since I don't 
administer their systems I can't fix that end.  But as for ours...my 
choices are either to drop the honeypot backup MX servers (which I know 
many admins will recommend) or find another way.  I was thinking that I 
could setup a script that would only give the primary MX to designated 
requestors.  But I'd like to do that based on domain-name lookups 
instead of hard-coding their IP's.  Is this possible?


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