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P W vovdts at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 17:42:51 UTC 2014

Hello Rob,

> 1) I'm assuming every domain (eg, somedomain.foo) will require an SOA
> record.  Is it required that the TLD (ie, "foo") also have an SOA record?

Of course you will require a SOA (Start of Authority) for the .foo zone. Be RFC compliant.
This is very important if you change records of your name server and  want that other name servers, especially those which are resolving, know 
that changes were made.

> 2) Assuming the the owner of "somedomain.foo" chooses to use their own
> (custom) nameservers, and a request is made for, say, the A record of
> "www.somedomain.foo", how is our nameserver expected to respond?  Should it
> reply with the custom NS records?  Or, in the course of resolving
> "www.somedomain.foo", will there somehow be a request for the NS records of
> "somedomain.foo"?  If PowerDNS is expected to respond with the custom
> nameservers for an A record it doesn't know about, how do I setup PDNS to do
> that?

You can simply delegate DNS queries to other name servers via the NS records.
This could look like in your .foo name server:

somedomain.foo.	TTL	IN	NS	ns1.customer-dns.tld
somedomain.foo.	TTL	IN	NS	ns2.costomer-dns.tld

and so on...

Your .foo name server then simply delegates to those name servers set in the NS records.

The way/route how DNS looks for information is this one, where . is the root zone: . -> foo -> somedomain -> www
This gives you www.somedomain.foo.

In your case your .foo name server will delegate the query to the name servers of f.e. your customers.

I hope this helps you a little bit.

Kind Regards,
Paul Wats

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