[Pdns-users] RFE LDAP backend: Filter template

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Sat Oct 18 16:40:21 UTC 2014


I know that the LDAP backend is not very high on the list of powerdns
development. But I'd like to propose a small enhancement which would make some
unusual LDAP-related setups easier.

Simple new config item 'ldap-filter-template':

ldap-filter-template = '(associatedDomain={0})'

Which could be replaced when using DHCP server with LDAP backend by:

ldap-filter-template = '(&(objectClass=)(dhcpAssignedHostName={0}))'

Even more nice would be a configurable filter map.
The {} syntax is inspired by Python's string formatting syntax only used as

Of course I can use the pipe-backend to implement whatever is needed for LDAP

Ciao, Michael.

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