[Pdns-users] IXFR with EDIT-SOA, ALLOW-AXFR-FROM in bind-hybrid mode

Christof Meerwald cmeerw at cmeerw.org
Thu Oct 16 08:42:34 UTC 2014


I just noticed that IXFRs appear to be broken when using EDIT-SOA in
3.4.0 - it looks like "rfc1982LessThan(serial, sd.serial)" compares
the un-edited SOA from the zone and therefore doesn't send any data
back to the client.

Another thing I noticed is that in bind-hybrid mode the
ALLOW-AXFR-FROM for a zone handled by the bind backend doesn't appear
to be read from the database (because I think it only tries to get
that information from the bind backend, but doesn't fall back to the
database backend).



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