[Pdns-users] Documentation makeover, tickets and patches welcome!

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Wed Nov 26 21:11:56 UTC 2014

Hi everybody,

Thanks to the help of official PowerDNS-hero Pieter Lexis, our old DocBook
XML-based documentation has been converted to some pretty good looking
Markdown! You can check it out on http://doc.powerdns.com/

The old documentation is also still online, but the most popular parts have
been URL-forwarded to the new Markdown based version. Eventually all URLs
will be forwarded, and the old documentation removed.

However, as this is a big change, not everything will be perfect. 

If you note an issue with the new documentation, please open a ticket on
https://github.com/powerdns/pdns/issues and tell us about it. Or, even
better, fork our repo, and edit the files in
https://github.com/PowerDNS/pdns/tree/master/pdns/docs/markdown to improve

To test-build the documentation, run 'pip install pandoc' and 'pip install
pandocfilters', followed by 'make html-new/index.html' in the pdns/docs

Once again, I'd like to thank Pieter for his tireless efforts over the past
months to track our changes so we could have a smooth switchover, but please
blame us for any imperfections - we decided that now was the time to go live
with the new documentation, and fix the remaining issues 'in production'.


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