[Pdns-users] PDNS-Recursor Segfaults

James Baer james at idriveinteractive.com
Tue May 20 19:58:19 UTC 2014

Hi All - I'm experiencing an issue that I am unsure if it is a bug or 
just something I need to adjust on my systems to account for.

I have 2 servers, both running pdns_recursor (3.5.3) on Centos 6.5, 
installed from epel repository. The recursor is only listening on 
localhost on each system.

I am experiencing somewhat random crashes of the recursor with the 
following error:

kernel: pdns_recursor[21993]: segfault at 200001fc8 ip 0000000000472780 
sp 00007f3f9c03f690 error 4 in pdns_recursor[400000+111000]

Both servers have a large number of ip addresses bound to them, in the 
range of 3-4k. I was able to replicate the segfaults on one of the 
servers by adding additional ip addresses. When I got to around 4k ip 
addresses the recursor simply would not even start, just segafulted 
right away. I was able to get it to start again, by removing some ip 
addresses, so i know it has something to do with how many addresses I 
have bound the server.

Any body have an ideas what I can do to correct this problem? I really 
don't see a reason why the recursor would care how many ip addresses I 
have on a system.

thank you

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