[Pdns-users] Blocking on QUERY from MONIT Check

Elena Zwetkow ezwetkow at gmx.de
Mon May 12 16:38:42 UTC 2014

Hello powerdns users,
i have a strange issue with my pdns server. I use monit to monitor my pdns server from 2 locations. Today i want to add a new location and installed monit on an other server. I forgot to add the ip to the allowed recursive hosts. So monit try to check the server but pdns does not allow this recursive queries (that is right) but during this checks my two other monit instances detect a failure: 
connection failed to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53 [DNS via TCP]
connection failed to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53 [DNS via UDP]
Now i think what happens when someone other use this query what monit use? Blocks this my whole pdns instance?
I tryed to find out what monit does, and found some information:
>> IIRC Monit's check for DNS protocol was to query for the hint.zone (".") and if the
>> name server you try to monitor does not allow recursive queries from the monitoring host the
>> check fails. I had the same problem (wanted to monitor authoritative only server) and
>> finished using custom script to query the server and write the output on success to some 
>> file and using Monit to monitor this file.

My question, how can i debug the pdns server more? Currently i try to set some values:


but there are no errors in my messages logfile.

Any hints are welcome.


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