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Fri Mar 7 22:07:09 UTC 2014

Thank You for replying.
> Supermaster relies on NOTIFY messages.
> Yes. Please use pdns_control notify zone if you need to make it happen right 
> away

It  turns  out  that  I  was  missing  the  NS  records  for  thesuperslave.  I  am documenting the entire process here so that itgets archived for anyone else searching for a solution.
SUPERMASTER / SUPERSLAVE CONFIGURATION, AXFR, ORACLE SCHEMATo configure PowerDNS pdns_server to provision superslaves  usingthe AXFR protocol, the following conditions must be met:
- the supermasters  table  must  contain  account_name  (freeform  string), ip_address, and the fully_qualified_domain_name of the  supermaster;
- the  records  table  must  contain  NS  type   records  of  the  superslave for all domains for which he is to serve answers;
- the serial_number in the content field  in  the  records  table  where  type  =  'SOA' must match the value of the serial  field  in the zones table;
- "master = yes" must be configured in pdns.conf(4) on the super-  master;
- "slave = yes"   must  be  configured  in  pdns.conf(4)  on  the  superslave;
- COMMIT; triggers AXFR if "set autocommit off" is in effect. 		 	   		  
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