[Pdns-users] Updated PDNS to Current, Now What?

Hoy Henry hoy at datacruz.com
Thu Jun 12 17:42:11 UTC 2014

Thanks!   Also, I came from PDNS 3.12.e16  are there any MYSQL changes/additions that I should make?



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​Normally you should compare your active pdns.conf to the pdns.conf.rpmnew to see if there are any new features/options added.  Use "diff pdns.conf pdns.conf.rpmnew" to get the differences then ignore the same options that merely have your specific settings on the right side of the equals sign.  Look for differences in lines on the left side of the equals sign.

This is true in general for any new RPM package update, not just pdns.

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Good Day.   In November 2013 I  had successfully deployed  PDNS in a 2 server configuration with a web front end ans a MYSQL Backend.  Everything Worked Just Fine.   Today, without really thinking about it I ran a YUM Update and ultimately updated PDNS to the New current version (Along with everything else)   The 2 servers came up fine and appear to be working properly however I am paranoid that I might have missed something or not done something that I should have done.   I saw a message during the update about the updated pdns.conf file being named as pdns.conf.rpmnew  Should I be doing something with that?

Please excuse my Ignorance, I am still what I consider kind of new at all of this stuff….But as I break and fix things I feel I am getting better ☺

Any help would be appreciated.


Hoy Henry

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