[Pdns-users] Recursor QPS ceiling

Ruben Kerkhof ruben at rubenkerkhof.com
Tue Dec 23 13:55:41 UTC 2014

On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 7:17 PM, Robert Edmonds <edmonds at mycre.ws> wrote:
> I have not tested PowerDNS specifically, but when I tested BIND and
> Unbound recently, I came up with a completely synthetic query generator
> setup: it would always ask the same question for an already cached RRset
> using the 'trafgen' tool from the netsniff-ng suite, and the query rate
> offered would be precisely varied on the sending side using the 'tc'
> facility in the Linux kernel.

Interesting. I too have bumped into the limitations of dnsperf, and
have been looking at trafgen.
I found it quite hard to generate a trafgen config however, do you
have one you could share?

Kind regards,


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