[Pdns-users] 3.4-rc1 with ddns, tsig and bind's allow-update-forwarding

Martin Chandler mchandler at aventer.net
Tue Aug 26 06:57:31 UTC 2014

Hi Ruben,

Sorry to keep bothering you on this, but I notice that dhcpd sends the 
original update request via UDP, but bind forwards the request via TCP.

Could it be that there is some difference in the way PDNS is handling 
TCP packets over UDP packets, and somehow mis-reading the data that BIND 
is sending?

That would possible explain why setting the dhcp server to talk straight 
to PDNS works, because it would be sending the expected UDP packet, but 
forwarding over TCP fails.

btw, I also tried setting up a CentOS 6.5 server:
BIND 9.8.2
DHCPD 4.1.1
PDNS 3.4-rc1

but get the same results (i.e. unsuccessful).


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