[Pdns-users] experience with PowerDNS and/or best parctice

GB gb at zurk.org
Mon Aug 25 07:59:06 UTC 2014


maybe this is a little bit off topic on this list:
We evaluating different DNS solutions because we want to replace our 
current dns infrastructure. Instead of BIND9 we are thinking about to 
use PowerDNS because of some really nice features (e.g.database backend, 
web based administration, fast,secure ...)

Now we figured out that the DDNS(RFC 2136) is some kind of 
'experimental' in PowerDNS. Before we do a PoC we want to ask if there 
is any experience or best practice using PowerDNS as internal DNS for 
mid-size or large companies instead of BIND9? Especially some 
information woukld be good if DDNS with ISC DHCP works like a charm. 
Additional we want to do a split-horizon setup and PowerDNS does not 
have 'views' like BIND. The question is now how to solve this 
(additional PowerDNS instances?). We have also read pro and contra about 
the idea to use mysql replication (we plan to do a 'hidden primary'). Is 
mysql replication still recommended instead of zone transfer? We have 
around 700 clients which are using DDNS (ISC DHCP) and ~1500 server 
(fixed ip of course) located in different datacenter. Not too much but 
still growing...

The big question:
Is PowerDNS a complete solution for a internal DNS infrastructure, do we 
have to think about a mixed environment (PowerDNS/BIND) or should we 
still use bind in the future? Any recommendations, ideas or experience 
report would be appreciated...


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